Thursday, February 14, 2008

Truth in Advertising

I'm all about preparation and an open and honest flow of information so for all you non-mommies (yet or ever) I've decided to break the momma-code-of-silence that we're convinced is the only way to continue the permanence of our species (there's enough of us anyway) and tell you what my journey to mommahood is really like...

It sucks.

Morning sickness (as you all know) is a misnomer - there's nothing restricted to the morning about it and it's not sickness - it's the overwhelming urge to immediately (if not sooner) barf no matter where you are (for me parking lots, at the grocery store and at work all have been wonderful places) and it strikes randomly and suddenly at any time of day. Yum.

Cocoa butter does not prevent stretch marks - it gives one an incredibly itchy rash on one's stomach that persists for days (and days).

Pregnancy does not give you a glow - scrubbing your face aggressively to try to banish the crop of zealous acne that has suddenly popped up all over your face gives you a red tint that is often mistaken for a glow.

32 more weeks (and updates) to go and counting...


Rodi Jussey said...

sorry, friend. no, it's not great...and it only gets worse...but it's worth it, it really is. call me if you need a support group.

Holly Bee said...

You are AWESOME!

You are on the path already to being in the Cool Mom Club!!!

I love you! Call me too if you need help!