Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shut up and eat your greens

So the government has decided to allow irradiation of your food. OMG! What should you do?


Mass pandemonium!?


Hmmm....Too much effort, too little return.

Maybe instead..

Urban homesteading? Buying local? Joining a CSA?

Better...but still requires actual thought and effort. I like to sit on my bum in front of the computer.

Whatever could you do?

How about exercising your constitutional right to do what we do best... Complain! The FDA is currently allowing a 30 day comment period on its new ruling to allow irradiation of commercially grown leafy greens (to begin in September). The information is out there - educate yourself and let the man know what you think.

(Hey, I'm biased, but I'm not against freedom of information. Check out this info too.
Yummy radiation
Shut up and eat your toxic greens
But we promise it's safe (winkwink)
I'm no robot
More shit disturbing

Oh, and BTW, the reason we have to fry our food is because commercial production is in short, nasty. Any wonder why this requirement was suggested by commercial food producers??


Jesse Palmer said...

I commented. Keep us posted on what happens.

Holly Bee said...

You are a God among insects.

No, really, I mean it. I get all my good info from you!!!

So, how's it going?

Skip work and hang out with me!

We'll eat healthy food together, I swear :)