Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ancient History

It seems like forever ago (okay only 2 weeks ago) that my family made our pilgrimage to Traverse City, but since I made so many promises to do so, I thought I'd share with you all how it was.

We stayed at the Grand Traverse Resort. It isn't actually in Traverse City (it's in Acme) but it's only about a 10 minute drive to TC and the resort is so big it's worth it. Our condo overlooked the golf course, which the boys did brave while the ladies hit the gym.

There are a few highlights of our trip definitely worth mentioning. The tour of the Old Mission Peninsula wineries was scenic and delicious - with Chateau Chantal as the absolute creme de la creme. Not only is it a winery but also a beautiful bed and breakfast.

The Spa at Grand Traverse Resort is FABULOUS. The hubby treated me to a half day of relaxation and pampering (I know, I'm a very lucky girl) including a pedicure, facial and haircut. My sister and mom enjoyed some pampering as well; mom-to-be got a pedicure and massage and mom (or soon-to-be-nana) got a facial and pedicure.

For lunch the hubby and I tried the Apache Trout Grille. We tried to get in with the family for dinner one night - 2 hour wait. The food is okay - nothing too fancy/special - but the view and drinks are the main attraction. There's even a tiki bar!

And finally, the scenery. Let's face it - Michigan is a beautiful state. (Not to say we shouldn't do our complaining about the temperature, wacky seasons, lack of good employment options, but) with its forests, lakes, sunrises and sunsets, Michigan is a great place to get outside and enjoy.

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