Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So fresh and so clean

I'm painting. Again. Lime green in fact. In my living room. Oh the horror!

I hate the painting process - the taping, the gathering of tools (usually half should have been thrown away last time or are unlocateable), the numerous trips to the store to get forgotten/new items, the drop cloths, the priming, the edging, the taping (I really hate the taping). But the painting - I actually like the painting. I like to see the walls slowly transforming from the boring basic primer white to the exciting new chosen color. I love the smell of new paint and the way it makes a room seem clean and fresh and new.

Painting always throws my house into chaos though. First there's the piles of furniture and wall decor, the stacks "found" items (like the random dog toys and socks you find under the couch), the piles scattered about of necessary "tools" for performing the activity and then of course the animals littered about making a mine field of the not only doing any work but also the moving of any equipment without incurring an injury that requires medical attention.


Jessica said...

Lime green sounds pretty! I don't mind the prep work, I hate the painting. I have all bright or dark colors so it took a lot of coats to get it perfect. I'll do your prep if you do my painting in the future! ;)

Jen said...

I tell you - if it's bright and sunny and happy I love it. I'm SO not about the boring browns and tans or GASP white. My husband...well he's another story. At least when I asked him what he thought he said, "It's your house". Damn straight.