Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seasons change

It's starting to happen. At first you don't even notice it. The first time you wear jeans instead of a skirt out in the evening. That first night you shut off the air conditioner and open the bedroom windows. The first night you rise in the early morning hours to pull an extra blanket onto the bed. The first time you shut some of the windows as it gets near dusk. The first time you grab a sweater before heading out the door. Oh the stores have already known about it; they've had their Halloween decorations out since July, but you're not ready to realize it yet. You're still enchanted by the smell of charcoal in the air, still drunk on the sound of Cicadas, still enjoying the feel of sun baking your back and the droplets of sweat on your brow. But even as you ignore it it's happening.
I realized a hint of it as the hum of Cicadas gave way to the rasping of squirrels grinding their teeth against the tough, green hulls of the walnuts from the tree in our backyard. I felt it again during my hike at Al Sabo when I was chilled by my sweat as I hiked back into the cool, shadowy woods. It was there when I pulled out a blanket to cover up during a movie this week, and present as I put my slippers on as I crept out of bed this morning.
You may not want to realize it, may want to push it back or delay it's coming but the inevitable will soon be here.
It's turning into fall round here.

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