Monday, October 1, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Unfortunately this post isn't about a feeding frenzy on anything I cooked, but instead on a feeding frenzy happening outside my house. Apparently tired of black walnuts and stolen birdfood my neighborhood squirrels have moved on to the next feasting fad; decorative pumpkins. This little guy was happily nestled in with my mums to create a lovely and welcoming fall front doorscape but instead became the centerpiece for a squirrel banquet (along with 2 of his friends). It seems when they tried to steal this guy he got his just dues however - the got stuck in the fence as they were trying to take him away. Resourceful creatures they are however - they gnawed away until they could fit him through and then dragged him up a tree to safely feast. This picture was taken shortly before they got him through.


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Rodi Jussey said...

I'm happy that you let them have it.