Friday, May 30, 2008

Working on Fridays is for Suckers

I love lazy Fridays. Let me rephrase. I love not working on Fridays. I love having a day of laziness that isn't on a weekend and getting to laugh at all the suckers spending their last day before the weekend slaving away.
I'm spending the day in girlish luxury. A massage and a movie with friends. Relaxing in the yard with a new magazine and a delicious iced tea. Eating leftover Chinese food cold out of the container for breakfast. (Hey, I didn't say it was YOUR idea of luxury.)
The hubby is spending the day in bed, recovering from food poisoning. For the second time this week. Yes, after eating something that gave him food poisoning earlier this week, yesterday he proceeded to then eat the leftovers, causing him to be sick yet again.

Don't ask me, I wouldn't have eaten it.

I'm thinking about heading to the library for some perspective widening new reads. And doing some volunteering. Isn't it fantastic to have a day where you can choose what to do?

I love Fridays.


Rodi Jussey said...

sounds like a fantastic dream! tell that boy to quit eating trash.

Jesse Palmer said...

I didn't want to get sick again. I was convinced it was something else. The food was so good - it was worth it...right.

Plus, I didn't have anything else available for lunch so I had to eat it...