Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's been a loooonngg week. I'm not sure if its the pregnancy or my zeal for over scheduling and packing as much as possible into every day, but I'm feeling a little worn down and over tired. So far this week I've worked, cleaned, made cookies to celebrate a birthday, walked the dog, swam, volunteered, knitted, shopped, gardened, and tried to sleep - though the heat is kicking my ass. Miser that I am, over the weekend we ran the central air AND the window unit in our bedroom and I was still dreaming of a bathtub full of cold water. It's interesting how all winter I dreamed of laying out in the hot sun on the beach only to find myself this summer trying to find a walk-in cooler to crawl into.

I've also noticed this week that it seems like I'm having increasing trouble breathing - almost like I can't get enough air in. It's likely due to the baby taking up more and more space but this doesn't help to quell my already high anxiety level at all, but I just keep thinking about the 15 more weeks to go.

Thanks to the slightly less humid weather this week the garden is finally mostly in - I do need to stop and get some straw to mulch the onions and greens but other than that most of the hard labor is done. The tomatoes, zucchini, and cukes are quickly making twining the supports necessary, and the eggplant and brussel sprouts are creeping higher and higher. I'm hoping to get some pictures up this weekend when I get the mulch down.

On another pregnancy caused accident prone note, last weekend I endured an almost injury - while sleeping. I had just gotten back to bed after spending some time in front of the tv - I was having some problems sleeping so I had gotten up extremely early and gone down to watch some tv until I was able to snooze again - and I was looking forward to a few delicious hours of sleeping late with nothing to do. The hubby and the critters were of course still snoozing away as I snuggled into my (tiny) spot. I had no sooner started to drift off when the hubby started to snore - loud. Frustrated and half asleep, I flopped my giant pregnant self over (which is getting to be a production) and ...fell off the bed.

NO, I wasn't hurt at all, but I was a little "surprised" to say it nicely. On a brighter note, it woke the hubby up so I was able to get back into bed and asleep before he started snoring again.


Jessica said...

I fell out of bed yesterday rolling over, and didn't have anyone in it, or a pregnancy to blame on it. I was even sober! ;)

Pics of the garden? I took pics of mine this afternoon, now to get my lazy butt moving and post them to the blog.........

Rodi Jussey said...

I wish with all of my heart that I could have seen this. I feel like I may have peed myself from laughing.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)

Holly Bee said...

Rock on big Momma! I can't wait for the baby!!! What food are you craving? I want to go out to lunch with crazy prego Mama!

Jesse Palmer said...

Hold on! You have been the loud snorer that has been keeping me up lately.

However, I have no room to complain, as I'm not the one who is pregnant.