Monday, June 23, 2008

Life is beautiful

Not much to report on of late. I enjoyed a fantastic Friday lounging at the beach with my fellow bloghers JoJotheKnitster and Punk Rock HR, as well as my fantastic hubby, who insisted on driving the gas guzzler as the check engine light is once again on in the vdub. A minor irritation however I'll let it slide as long as it continues to get me where I need to go on 28 mpg.

After our beachisode we were desperately in need of snacks and beverages so we headed to the Idler to waste the rest of our day in nothing to do luxury with our much more motivated friends (who had just woken up from a nap after biking the 34 miles from Kalamazoo to South Haven). And I thought waddling my phat pregnant ass around all day was tough.

I just took a glance around and noticed laziness seems to have taken over my household this evening. (And shakiness apparently has overtaken my arm.)


Laurie said...

No one chillaxes like The Nuge.

Holly Bee said...

You are a PIP!!!

Happy Vacation!